Does WaterWorks cover gray?

WaterWorks is a permanent hair color which covers gray 100%.

Does WaterWorks mix with peroxide?

No. Waterworks mixes with water not peroxide. It has no ammonia and does not need peroxide to cover gray. So there is no lift of natural pigment only deposit.

Is WaterWorks safe to use on bleach or permed hair?

Waterworks is perfectly safe to use on hair that is chemically treated.

Will WaterWorks wash out?

No Waterworks is a permanent hair color which means it will fade but it will not wash out.

Will my brown hair become brassy red if I use WaterWorks?

No because WaterWorks does not lighten natural hair color. It is a deposit only, permanent hair color. And WaterWorks are all cool based hair colors You only add water to make it work.

My hair is relaxed. Is WaterWorks safe for my hair?

Yes, it is perfectly safe for relaxed, straightened or permed hair. Just follow the easy directions and mix with water.


Instantly cover gray hair between touch-ups or whenever the need arises. The unique no mess, no fuss applicator makes covering up on the go a breeze. This temporary, conditioning formula goes on easily and it won’t flake or fall off. Three terrific colors to choose from.

How often can I apply Touch of Color?

Touch of Color is a temporary color product which will remain on your hair until you wash it off which means you can reapply after each shampoo or whenever the gray starts to peek through.

Do I need to do an allergy test prior to use?

No allergy test is required since Touch of Color is based on temporary color pigments which do not require allergy tests.

How long does it last?

From Shampoo to Shampoo.

How long does it take to dry?

Dries in less than 60 seconds and remains on until you wash your hair.

Will the product stain my hands or scalp?

Touch of Color is a temporary color so there is no staining on the skin or scalp.

It takes a while to get the product out. What’s the problem with the applicator?

The applicator is designed to give you control of the amount of product being dispensed through the brush heads. The brush heads were designed to spread a very thin application onto the hair so that the product can't be over used. You only need a thin layer to do the job of covering your grays.

There are only 3 colors but my hair is somewhere between the light and dark brown. What should I do?

If your hair is more medium brown I would the dark brown. It will give you more complete coverage of your grays and the brush heads spread a very fine layer onto the hair. And its always better to keep away from bright roots.


What is Color Solutions?

Solve any hair color problem quickly and easily. Whether its gray coverage, too much red, too much gold, scalp irritation, color staining or not fast enough color processing, the family of color solutions products are the answer.

Gray Magic FAQ

What does Gray Magic do?

It helps to cover even the most resistant gray hair when added to your tint formula. It makes the hair color last longer, fade less and helps tone down green (ashy) tones in hair color.

How much do I add?

The packette is premeasured which means that the entire contents of a Gray Magic packette (7mL) is added to a regular tint mixture of 2 oz. of color. If you are using a bottle (1/4 oz. & 1 oz.) simply add 10 drops per ounce of color.

Does Gray Magic change the processing time?

No. The amount of time you keep the tint on your hair does not change.

What types of hair color can I use Gray Magic with?

Any permanent hair color tint except medium blonde and lighter.

Should I add more peroxide if I use Gray Magic?

Only add the amount recommend by the hair color manufacturer. Typically equal amounts of peroxide or some require adding 1.5 to 1.


What does UnRed do?

Added to a tint, UnRed will eliminate unwanted red, brassy or orange cast to hair. So if your brown tint looks too red or if there is any reddish cast in your hair color, UnRed will eliminate that problem.

With what products does UnRed work with?

Best when used in a permanent hair color for the optimum effect. May be used with hennas, semi permanent color, bleaches or lighteners but the effect is more staining than permanent effect.

How much do I add?

The packette is premeasured which means that the entire contents of an UnRed packette are added to a regular tint mixture of 2 oz. of color. If you are using a bottle (1/4 oz. or 1 oz.) simply add 10 drops per ounce of color.

Does UnRed change the processing time?

No, UnRed does not affect processing time.

What types of hair color can I use UnRed with?

Perfect for brown tints that a going too red or any hair color which seems to be pulling too much warmth (red).

Can I use UnRed to tone down too much red in hair that has already been tinted?

Yes, you can do a touch up to help tone down faded, oxidized or brassy, reddish brown hair by mixing 1 packette of UnRed with 2 oz. of water. Apply to damp hair and distribute evenly with a wide tooth comb. Allow to remain in the hair for 20 minutes, shampoo, rinse and style as usual. Or you can use to touch up or tone down between coloring by adding 1 packette or 40 drops to 8 oz. of shampoo. Use this as often as you want to help tone down red, brass or dull brown hair.


What does Red Gold Corrector Plus do?

It eliminates unwanted brassy, warm or gold tones which are the result of bleaching, tinting, toning or natural white or gray hair that has become dingy or yellow.

How do I use Red Gold Corrector Plus?

You can add it to a tint or bleach mixture or add it to your regular shampoo to refresh blonde, gray or white hair.

How to I mix for tinting or bleaching?

Just add 1 packette for each 2 oz. of color directly into the bleach or tint mixture. Add it will not affect the color or processing time.

How do I refresh my gray hair or take the yellow out of my white hair?

Add 1 packette to an ounce of shampoo to help eliminate yellow or brassy tones from blonde, gray or white hair. Apply to wet hair, later, keep on for 1-3 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.


What does 777 Perfector Plus do?

It helps to eliminate scalp irritation and helps to minimize peroxide and ammonia damage. It also helps to prevent porous ends from over-processing and is really good when used in toners to ensure even coverage and color depth.

How do I use 777 Perfector Plus?

To help equalize porosity and to restore balance to hair damaged by sun, wind or chlorine, add 1 packette to 8 oz. of shampoo, mix well and apply to wet hair. Lather keep in the hair for 1-3 minutes, rinse and style as usual. To help with scalp irritation mix 1 packette to any color or bleach mixture or to perm solution. Process according to manufacturer’s direction.


What is FastColor?

FastColor will basically cut your hair color, bleaching, highlighting or weaving time in half. You use it with heat and it cuts everything down to around 10 minutes. It works with any hair color or bleach brand without compromising condition or lift.

Does this work with semi permanent color?

Yes it does. But it doesn’t cut down on the time it adds depth and makes the colors last longer with less fadage.

How do I use with tints?

Add 1 packette to your regular tint mixture, apply as usual. Process with heat. 10 minutes for most hair types; 15 for resistant hair types.

How do I use with bleach?

Add 1 packette for your bleach mixture. Apply mixture to foils. Process with heat for 5-10 minutes. Remove foils, rinse and shampoo.


How does Color Off Stain Remover work?

It helps to remove any type of color stains from scalp, skin, and hairline in a mild, gentle, non-irritating formula which helps to also moisturize and protect the skin. Use directly from the bottle or apply to a soft cloth and work into area where there are stains. Application may be repeated as needed. Will also help to remove clothing stains.