30 Volume complete Bleach Kit by Jerome Russell


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Jerome Russell's premium punky bleach kit is now available in a complete, all-in-one kit, leaving your hair beautifully bleached blond or prepared for dyeing! Jerome Russell's Punky Bleach Kit comes with everything you need to bleach your hair with the mos tpro results. This bleach kit is SUPER easy to us! Simply mix the bleach powder and peroxide together to activate the bleach. Then, apply to your hair anywhere you wish to add a highlight or lighten your hair. Follow the instructions to obtain your desired shade and rinse clean to reveal your perfect blond!

Kit Contains:

Punky Professional Tint Brush
Plastic Gloves
Complete Instructions
Jerome Russell Cream Peroxide Developer, 30 Vol, 118 mL
Jerome Russell Bleach Pack 25g

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Complete instructions for preparing your Punky Hair Colour. 

  1. Mixing Bleach. Put on gloves and pour a small amount of the peroxde into a plastic, non-metallic bowl (not provided). Then, carefully open powder bleach packet and pour a small amount of powder into the bowl. Use the brush to mix until creamy. Gradually add in entire contents of peroxide and powder until creamy and smooth. Allow mixture to stand for one minute before application. 
  2. Application. Using the brush, apply bleach evenly to the hair you'd like lightened. Make sure all strands are saturated but not dripping. You may mask hair you wish not to bleach by using a tipping or highlight cap or foil. 
  3. Developing. Once all hair is saturated, begin timing development. A development cap or plastic wrap may be used at this time to assist development. Your development time depends on your original, natural hair color. Dark shades tend to take more time to lift (bleach or lighten) than lighter shades. You should allow your hair to lift to a pale yellow so it can accept Punky Colour products. For easy (and cute!) reference, the shade of pale yellow is about the color of the inside of a banana peel. In order for the hair to achieve the proper porosity to accept Punky Colour products, the bleach should be left on unbleached hair for at least 30 minutes. The time table below shows approximate development times. You will need to check your development every 10 minutes until the desired lift has been achieved. (To test, take a few strands of hair, wipe with a clean damp cloth, spread apart and examine the color. If more processing time is necessary, spread bleach on this test strand and continue development). 

DARK BLONDE 20-30 minutes
LIGHT BROWN 25-35 minutes
MEDIUM BROWN 30-45 minutes
DARK BROWN 45-60 minutes

Bleach will continue to work for up to two hours if hair is resistant. DO not over-bleach. When desired shade is reached, take off outer plastic cap or wrap if used and throw away. Rinse the bleached hair. If coloring with Punky Hair Colour, do so at this point by following the directions on the product. Shampoo, condition and style as required. 


Never use products on skin, scalp, eyelashes, or eyebrows. Always use bleach mixture immediately and discard any unused portion; it cannot be stored and saved for later use. Only mix bleach in a plastic, non-metallic bowl. Wear plastic gloves throughout entire bleaching. Use a cape or towel to protect clothing. Furnishings should likewise be protected. Use bleach on dry hair only. Keep away from eyes. If bleach contacts eyes, rinse immediately with warm water and consult a physician. Keep product away from direct sunlight or heat. Keep in a dry place. Keep away from children at all times. Do a strand test before every application. Only proceed if this test was satisfactory and showed no damage to your hair. If unsure of procedures or use of this product, do not proceed. Consult your professional hairdresser or Jerome Russell representative. 

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