Hair Transformation App!

Want to switch up your hair color without commitment!? Download the YouCam app to try on our Punky Hair Colour to see what suits you best!

DIY Holiday Ombre!

We used our Punky Hair Colour Semi-Permanents in Vermillion Red, Flamingo Pink and Cotton Candy to create this holiday ombre! All you need is a pair of gloves! For more information, go to! For more content, make sure you are following us on Instagram: @punkyhaircolour

Punky Hair Colour DIY Pumpkins

Introducing a new way to spice up your pumpkins this season, with our 3-in-1 hair colour. We used our 3-in-1 in Purpledacious, Pinktabulous and Tealistic to create these unique watercolor pumpkins. Our 3-in-1 is available at Ulta and Target!!

How to Use Punky Colour Mood Switch Temporary Hair Effect

NEW heat activated color will transform your hair into a virtual kaleidoscope of color that instantly changes at 86˚F/30˚C. Cool down and the color sponaneously changes back to the original color. Easy And Simple To Use.

Punky Colour Introduces Mood Switch

Mind-Blowing Shade Shifting Effects Punky Colour introduces heat activated temporary hair color. Uniquely formulated to change color with cool or hot temperatures. Watch in amazement as your hair color changes just as fast as your mood changes with just one touch.

Punky Hair Colour Introduces 3-N-1 Color Depositing S/C

NEW 3-in-1 Color Depositing Shampoo + Conditioner. A system that INSTANTLY intensifies color while cleansing and conditiong with every wash. Add striking colors, maintain vibrancy and imporve shine. Can use everyday or when needed. Just CLEANSE, COLOR and CONDITION - Redefined science to expand creativity. WASH COLOR IN... NOT OUT! Available now at Ulta Beauty.

How to Use Punky 3-N-1 Shampoo + Conditioner

Go Bold with Punky's NEW 3 Color Depositing Shampoo and Conditioner. Say Goodbye To Dull, Faded, Damaged Color Treated Hair. Easy And Simple To Use.